About Us

EduLex is a Premier Institute for Professional Legal Studies providing the stepping-stone between University Education and Legal Profession, in the form of the Professional Legal Courses since 2016. It is a culmination of years of research in imparting outcome based legal education. The EduLex Team comprises of Distinguished Professors, Senior Advocates, Retired Judges and Authors who are keen to contribute their knowledge, wisdom and expertise in this pursuit. The Team has come together for their passion in legal education and the ability to collectively deliver results and shape careers of future legal professionals.

We at EduLex firmly believe that a correct strategy coupled with apt tools and ability to do intelligent hard work is the perfect recipe to make a mark in the competitive legal profession.  

EduLex offers intensive Online and Contact courses which covers the entire sphere of Legal Profession. The courses have been clustered into different areas giving the liberty to the candidates to pick and choose as per their requirements. Courses are delivered using the correct pedagogy and candidates are tested at regular intervals in order to assess their learning.  Our Team will tell you What is to be studied? When it is to be studied? and How it is to be studied? 

We ensure that you are well-prepared to be a valuable and successful professional from day one of your legal career. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors are vitally interested in your success on the course and are readily approachable and accessible.

We're here to steer you from class room to law chambers by streamlining your energy, enthusiasm and conviction in the right direction.

Don't let your conviction and belief fade away. Contact us instead.